To enroll a youth into our program, please take the time to fill out the intake information below.


Parent Release of Student Information

As the legal parent/guardian, I authorize the school district and or the educational institution my child attends to release the following information to Sean Ingram, of The Sean Ingram Academy, on a quarterly basis: historical grades, report cards, school attendance and disciplinary reports.

Photocopies of this form shall be considered a valid release for all information needed by The Sean Ingram Academy.

Juvenile Diversion & Intervention Programs

Sean Ingram's Juvenile Diversion and In-School Intervention program is a provider of the Wake County Public School System.

Our programs focus on at-risk youth ages 16-18.


OUR MINISTRY is to Engage, Enlighten, and Elevate our youth from their present struggles to their future success.

OUR MISSION is to Reduce Recidivism and Juvenile Delinquency by Transforming Our At-Risk Youth into Productive Citizens.

Sean Ingram is the instructor and lead mentor for the program as he uses his own life experiences of his journey through poverty, prison, to prosperity as a way to connect with the youth in a way that most programs can’t. The Sean Ingram Academy focuses on individualism and giving youth a second chance to
divert from the criminal institutions or helping to provide the students guidance through their path.

Aggression Replacement Training

Aggression Replacement Training (ART)
ART is an evidence-based, proven effective intervention for aggressive youth.

The following Identified Risk Factors and Needs Factors will be addressed through the ART component of the program.

Identified Risk Factors
Aggressive/Assaultive behaviors
Moderate to serious school behavior problems

Identified Needs Factors
Social competencies and problem solving skills
School/educational connectedness

The program components of the ART program are detailed below:

Teaches curriculum of prosocial behavior

Anger Control Training
Teaches self control of anger

Moral Reasoning
Teaches awareness of fairness, justice and concern with the needs and
rights of others

The program targets the following risk factors; aggressive behavior, impulsive behavior, poor problem solving skills, and antisocial behavior. Additionally it puts into action the following protective factors; social skills, emotional awareness and understanding, emotional regulation, planning skills, problem solving, and skills related to identification of anger triggers and cues.

The program targets the following proximal and distal outcomes.

Proximal Outcomes
Decrease in Conduct Problem Behavior
Improved Pro-Social Behavior
Improved Anger Control
Enhanced Levels of Moral Reasoning

Distal Outcomes
Reduced Criminal Behavior and Recidivism Rate
Improvements in In-Community Functioning
Improved Pro-Social Behavior
Reduction in aggressive and delinquent behavior

More details can be viewed at the following link:
Aggression Replacement Training®

Creative Arts Programs

Creative Writing & Communication Seminars, Workshops and Summer Camps 

@ The North Carolina Museum of Art.  REGISTER NOW for our next Summer Camp!


JULY 20th - 27th > 10am - 4pm > AGES 14 - 18 > FREE FOR ALL AT-RISK YOUTH

The Academy of Nail Technology

The Sean Ingram Academy of Nail Technology is a Workforce Development Program geared towards providing TRADE SKILLS and CERTIFICATION FOR

LICENSING to Juveniles and Adults, ages 14 and older.

The Nail Technology Program combined with Sean Ingram's Aggression Replacement Training has proven to be a Great Success, providing the needed Skill Building and Skill Streaming that not only offers our youth an opportunity for gainful employment once they are released, but this program truly Reduces Recidivism and Juvenile Delinquency.  

This Program is the Foundation of Sean Ingram's Mission and Ministry of Transforming Juvenile Delinquents into Productive Citizens...

The North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners requires NC manicurist applicants to complete 300 hours in an approved cosmetic art school

manicurist program. The Board defines the curriculum and focuses mainly

on competency-based knowledge, scientific and artistic principles and

hands on fundamentals.

The Sean Ingram Academy of Nail Technology has graduated over 200

students since school initiation in 2015. We anticipate graduating 60 students

this year. The job horizon for manicurists is positive, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing a 10% faster growth than other occupations for manicurists

in the 2018-2028 timeframe.


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